Smaller Packaging, Greater Impact

When you hear “This Incredibly Simple Packaging Idea Could Reduce Global Emissions” it’s bound to stop you in your tracks and think ‘huh, packaging?’ Mirjam de Bruijn’s project ‘Twenty’ is a wonderfully smart solution to the world’s logistic and packaging crisis. What de Bruijn noticed was that many household products such as dish soap, conditioner, shampoo and several more products are 80% water. If there are 1 million shipments of products each year, 800,000 of those would be of just water, which is a lot of wasted packaging and fuel – if we merely distilled this down to the core product there would be a massive reduction in pollution and costs right?

That is what makes de Bruijn’s project masterfully simple – once you’ve bought your shampoo pellets, you then put them in a reusable bottle and add water. The idea, derived from powdered laundry detergent, asks the question ‘ why can’t other forms of household liquids be sold in their solid concentrates?’ Even the packaging is sustainably sourced – All of de Bruijn’s packaging is constructed with materials that can be recycled, like cardboard, as well as reusable plastic bottles. With the world so focused on the new releases of tech, it’s nice to see a different view of design coming through in the form of sustainable packaging redesign.

Designer: Mirjam de Bruijn