Precautionary Stationery


I wasn’t let near a paper cutter till I was at least eight. I’m still mortified of breaking off the blunt section of the blade on a cutter. It’s just mentally exhausting to have to deal with the fear of nicking your finger, or even worse, having shrapnel from the cutter blinding me for life. Luckily, the Safety Cutter works towards making the cutter a bit safer. The new blade design features a set of notches that allow you to break the blade in a much safer fashion. The back of the blade holder grips the blade section by the notch, holding the broken blade in place, totally avoiding the danger of the loose piece of metal flying off and wounding anyone.

More than being amazed at the design, I’m amazed that this isn’t the common practice, which is what truly makes this design brilliant!

Designers: Lee Kai Yin, Lai Zhiwei & Wang Ji.