Aim for a Better Healthcare System


Autonomous cars are cropping up everywhere and the market is as competitive as ever. We recently were introduced to some very interesting concepts; the Audi Aicon without a steering wheel and the Renault SYMBIOZ where the car itself was considered a living room when not in use. What we don’t see enough of, are the strides being made for autonomous vehicles with alternative uses like first AID, packaging delivery or even snow plowing.

Ben Collette & Clement Gallois have envisioned a magnificent on-demand healthcare system in the form of a self-driving clinic. This minimizes the logistical burden on the patients and makes them more likely to engage in their care before conditions and costs escalate in the process. This mobile clinic is optimized for self-assessment with diagnostic services like thermography, imaging and breathing analysis – with the addition of a built-in pressure-sensitive scale to measure weight, BMI, balance, and posture, a seat providing an acoustic analysis of respiration and cardiac rhythm. Packed full of sensors and diagnostic equipment, this AI-driven clinic does one better by dispensing the most popular and frequently needed medicines – with the mobile clinic holding a small inventory of medicines, this removes the logistical burden of picking up new medication from the pharmacy.

The Aim mobile clinic is a beautiful look into the ever-evolving technology and innovative systems being adapted day-to-day. The vehicle has a very unobtrusive shape that’s light on the eye, with a protruded doorway on either side – welcoming the user with a warm light following around the door frame. The subtle light details on the closed doors and the rear of this vehicle are what add a strong element of thought to the process – including the use of a black rear to this mobile clinic which makes the already space saving design seem even more compact.

Designers: Ben Collette & Clement Gallois of Artefact