Home Is Where The Car Is


The SYMBIOZ is like nothing we’ve seen before. The idea of combining transportation and living spaces seems like something absurd to fathom. Toying with this idea, the SYMBIOZ is an extension of the future – connected – home. Renault has mentioned the SYMBIOZ to be “an extra mobile, modular and multi-purpose room”. SYMBIOZ is a representation of what Renault envision for the automotive industry in 2030, with an all-electric, autonomous car.

The look and charisma of modern-day architecture – exposed steel infrastructure, oversized windows and sharp lines – lends its style to the SYMBIOZ. It’s this appearance that allows the SYMBIOZ to seamlessly integrate with the home of tomorrow, where “the car becomes a new mobile, multi-purpose living space for the whole family and can be used—open or closed—more fully, even when parked.”

The SYMBIOZ doesn’t skip a beat. The interior of the vehicle, designed by Aleksandra Gaca, is breathtaking. Gaca took Renault’s vision and translated that into the 3D woken fabric called ‘bloko’ as seen on the seats inside both the SYMBIOZ and the home itself. The inside of the SYMBIOZ is quite homely and inviting, as expected, with a layout of 4 armchairs and a small coffee table to compliment the space.

Designer: Aleksandra Gaca of Renault