The Limo of Drones


What if a niche builder of old school gentleman’s conveyances turned modern luxury goods manufacturer made a passenger drone?! This far out question is the inspiration for the Bentley Skylounge – a class-defining mobility concept for the Brit brand. With Skylounge, Bentley customers can enjoy the privilege of traveling wherever they want, whenever they want. Through vertical takeoff and landing, the craft takes passengers door to door without any additional infrastructure.

The interior is as lux as you’d expect with a large lounge area and seats that transform into a bed position for full relaxation. The pilot seat in the front is lowered in order to guarantee a full panoramic view for the passengers while glass elements in the floor provide additional transparency to the giant panoramic greenhouse.

The exterior silhouette results from familiar fragments typical of Bentley lines and curves. The centered roof line extends front to back as s stylish element as well as a functional stabilizer. It also continues into the inside of the cabin as an ambient light, connecting exterior and interior.

Designer: David Wunderlich