Skate Shortens Your Commute, Possibly Life Span

There are certain gadgets that are simply too cool not to do something dangerous with. Case in point, “Skate” from Matteo Gentile adds an electric motor to a stripped down hybrid of a skateboard and snowboard bindings, creating something altogether different, dangerous and cool. Ostensibly created for regular transport and short commutes, I think we all know what was going through Matteo’s mind when he sketched this bad boy out.

Designer: Matteo Gentile


  • ben says:

    Though i have no clue what the designers intent was, as someone that used to commute to school via longboard through the city of grand rapids, this is pretty ridiculous… with the width, you wouldn’t have any room to weave in and out of traffic or shoot onto any type of sidewalk. CofG is waaaaay to high, i can’t imagine how sensitive turning this thing would be… i can’t really tell from the picture if you are supposed to strap in, but, i sure as hell wouldn’t want to be strapped to this thing. for the best commuter board, pick yourself up a board from or if you want electricity pick yourself up an e-glide. i’ve tried it and its pretty fun… if you’re in a location void of any hills, it’s definitely worth it…

    • says says:

      your assuming too much of the worst, how can you judge the handling by looking at a single render?

      sick of negativity on this site.

      • Akoi Meexx says:

        Ever skateboard before? He’s right about Center-of-Gravity, and assuming you had to strap in, what happens when you need to get off of the device quickly to avoid an accident?

        He’s not being negative, just realistic. Constructive Criticism is always helpful when coming up with designs.

        • magnum says:

          Well, it’s hard to say how the high center-of-grafity would affect the handling as the mechanics of this is far from the standard skateboard truck.. Somehow it looks stable!
          But I agree that the straping in seems like a good way to get yourself killed..

    • Just saw the e-glide. I would rather buy this than the e-glide. All types of skateboards have different styles of riding just like xlider and others where even if you know how to use a typical skateboard, you still have to learn how to use it because it is designed to be used differently. Same goes here.

      Regarding the strap thing. I agree that it is dangerous because of that but it would be nice if there would be a button on the controller which would automatically unstrap your feet.

      This was an awesome post.

  • p says:

    awesome. the ninja turtles would be proud.

    I think the axles are a little small considering the width of the wheels….at least it looks so on the closest rear wheel, but that could be some weird reflection with the render. In fact, I think the wheels could probably be a larger Ø in general to roll over cracks and stuff. I know it’s not going into production next year o anything, but it’s gotta be a little believable. excellent detailing on the model, I’m upset there’s only one render though, even on your website. Whats up with that?

  • IngOng says:

    i wanna have one, so i come to school more soon. great tech!

  • Tom says:

    The thing is, it just looks dangerous and mean… The black and red color scheme, those suspension coils… Looks like something a Star Wars villain would cruise around on.

  • Commentator says:

    Looks awesome. The driver should be oriented towards the front; not facing sideways (it looks sideways).

  • Eric says:

    I like the idea if the kinks were worked out. I’m just thinking that maybe using larger wheels might help with fewer rotations to get the same distance…

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    This is abstract. The big board is needed for a skate board. You put your foot in the middle and push with the other, then your slide the foot on the board to free a place for the other foot. Who ever designed this “skate wheels” have never did skate boarding for more than one hour in his entire life. Sorry, but this is fit for only one man named “AZIMO” (hint hint, he is a robot, error proof)

  • ok so I read all the comments,

    I want to say a thing , this vehicle was done in 3 hours a sunday for the afternoon with alis studio and C4d,it was just an essay ,there isn’t any engineering studies .

    But now I have a new version in my design center ,
    so see you soon on the road.

    the guy that say that I never skate boarding for more than one hour have reason , I practise for 20 minutes after I fall down…

    sorry for my poor english full of mistake

    Matteo Gentile

  • anomforne says:

    What is bumburbia?

  • Manhei says:

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  • cameron says:

    is this going into production?

  • Leo says:

    i sure damn hope so

  • Laurent says:

    Where can I buy this

  • Cilas says:

    quanto custou esse skate?

  • evg says:

    get a real skateboard

  • skater says:

    ur an idiot, and u prob nevr skated. u dont stand the same direction u goin, ur feet are parrallel with the wheels and u turn ur head in the direction u go

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