Mercedes concept influenced by WW2 fighter planes missed out on wings – obviously!

Back in the 1930s Mercedes-Benz introduced T80, a crazy six-wheeled concept vehicle that had the DB-601 aircraft engine derivative powering the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter jet. The iconic vehicle proudly makes its deserving place on display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt.

It’s been unheard of vehicle-powered by a warplane by the German automotive marque since then but a concept by the creative digital artist known for his cool designs, now demands attention. Color it in matte black and a Batmobile version for Matt Reeves to derive inspiration for The Batman – Part II slated for 2025 release is not out of the question.

Designer: Al Yasid

I’ve always appreciated what this designer manages to put on the digital drawing board with attention to detail matched with a sense of realism. With this Mercedes concept design philosophy follows suit as Yasid unearthes memories of the super stretchy T80. Since he’s a fanatic of World War 2 planes, the Mercedes was the right vehicle to experiment with a fusion.

A car being inspired by a WW2 plane (minus the wings) is not very common especially when not a single plane, rather quite a few of them are the influence. Yasid in a very short Instagram post says that this concept has the clear looks of a vintage fighter plane with “the canopy style greenhouse, the very elongated front end, the rear wing, and the front side exhausts.”

The V12 engine of this Mercedes protrudes from the hood much like a dragster or a muscle car, lending it a very intimidating stance. That bubble canopy-like door offers all-around visibility and fluid aerodynamics while at high speeds. This canopy stays properly sealed at all times during the drive, something that a claustrophobic rider won’t fancy any given day. The tailfin acts as a rudder for keeping the car on the track and not going off the balance if somehow the traction control system malfunctions.

All of this is topped off by the muscular body that curves around the middle and then again opens going to the rear. The anatomy is complemented by the silver and yellow skin, adding a dynamic character to the concept design. However, the yellow inserts on the front grille could have a more subtle fade out to go with the concept body’s fluidic nature.