Well whaddya know! No home button!


Yes. I know. We ALL know. You know who released the latest you know what. But not everyone is so amped about the X! Those who find it a tad… redundant… might be more inclined to like the SAY2 smartphone.

What we know about the guts is this: 5.5” AMOLED display, 128GB memory, 8MP front camera, 12.3MP rear camera. Now let’s just get to the looks. It’s almost easier to talk about what it’s NOT. It’s not rounded. It’s not square. It doesn’t have a home button (BTW – that’s nothing new). It doesn’t have any irritating breaks in the frame or face. It doesn’t have any awkward bevel raise. What it is, however, is likable. Except for maybe that too-casual turquoise color. But, other than that, totally likable!

Designer: blueMap design