VIP Urban Railways


Charles Bombardier developed this private people mover after reading Ayn Rand’s epic novel Atlas Shrugged. In it, the heroine used her family’s railroad track to travel from city to city. That made him wonder if “business trains” could one day become a reality. Would it be possible to sell them like business jets? That’s the idea behind the Randvu!

It’s designed to cut back on commuting times for 9-5ers who subscribe to the system (but own private “cars”) by utilizing existing and new rail tracks. Each car operates independently and can hop on or off the tracks to skip gridlock. Subscribers can go directly from their office door to their dwelling without getting stuck in traffic all while sitting in a posh retro-modern interior with lush couches, mahogany furniture, and an on-board bar. Interiors can also be custom designed according to the owner’s specifications.

Designers: Charles Bombardier and Martín Rico