Personal Pod

The only word that describes traffic aptly is: BAD! Try this, ask your friend, partner or just anyone who uses a car…’how’s the traffic’, and like a chorus you will get only one reply: B A D. So what is the solution, do we buy fewer cars or use only public transportation? The debate and perceptions are endless! Till we come up with something concrete lets think about personalized commuting, where a traveler uses individual pods. The Folding Electric Vehicle is what I’m talking about.

As a green alternative, it’s compact and smart, plus it occupies less space. This means parking the vehicle will not be a problem. Better than ruining your business suit on a Segway, and definitely offering more protection! With zippies like this, traffic shouldn’t be so bad!

Designer: Peng Huashun


  • Beowulf says:

    Superb. I’d love one of those. Needs some rain protection for the insides, though.

  • Shiverbrains says:

    No backrest and legs pinned together by steel poles, this is an ERGONOMIC NIGHTMARE.

    Driving this would feel like doing a sit-up while rowing a boat, even your illustrated guy looks totally uncomfortable.

  • Hunter says:

    But on the bright side, it looks light enough to pick up. Easy to steal…

  • Sutherland.todd says:

    Where can I buy one or get one from and how much???..

  • Mary says:

    Are they sold in the USA, and how much?

  • Marlene Young says:

    I would love to have one of those Folding Electric Vehicle, how much is one?

  • I would like info and pricing on this stuff

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