Give your Plants H2O when you’re on the Go!

Who doesn’t love a vacation? The answer: your houseplants! Even those with a good green thumb can’t avoid the problem of plants drying out when they go out of town. Until now. Sanhih is an innovative and elegantly designed planter and funnel system that keep plants watered while you’re away!

The design is super simple. The glass container on top can be filled with water and will release a slow drip to ensure plants receive the water they need over time. A convenient measurement system located on the side of the glass indicates the correct fill line that corresponds with the time you’ll be away. Holes in the bottom half ensure your plant gets proper air circulates and is happy as it is hydrated!

Designers: Chen Liang, Xu Mengxuan, Lu Nannan, Nie Lei, Huang Xin, Li Mingquan, Li Wenfang, Lin Tingzhan & Huang Junda