Burning Calories While Earning Salaries!

You work for 7-8 hours in a day. If you stood and worked for just half that time, health experts say you can burn close to 500 calories. Standing desks are the new office trend to keep us fit and healthy, as opposed to those comfortable chairs that not only make you inactive, they turn you into sluggish creatures, causing you to work slower. So far, the only caveat with standing desks is the fact that they aren’t exactly champions of ergonomic design.

Designed to be attached to any surface you call your worktable using a patented suction adhesive, the Standable (a portmanteau of the words standing and table) converts your sitting desk into a completely customizable workspace that you can sit at or even stand at! Its non-invasive nature means it can be easily attached to or removed from any workspace.

The Standable comes with two easy-sliding shelves that allow you to position the display and keyboard at levels custom tailored to your ergonomic needs. While most standing desks only come with one single surface for your laptop, resulting in the screen either being too low, or the keyboard being too high, Standable comes with two independently movable shelves, allowing you to place your screen at a height that is easy on your neck, and the keyboard at a position that forms a 90° angle at your elbows, as recommended by most doctors and physiotherapists. Plus, when you’re in the mood to rest those legs, just slide the tables back down and the Standable becomes a neat sitting table too!

Designer: Daniel Fintzi

Click here to Buy Now: $149.00 $349.00










Click here to Buy Now: $149.00 $349.00