If Google Goes Gamer

If there’s one company that can create an entirely new console to go up against the big 3 (Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation) it’s gotta be Google. Joseph Dumary’s Nexus Orbit concept console sheds light on how exactly the device might look and behave. Aesthetically, it’s inspired by contemporary architecture, but technologically you can expect it to include integration with Google Glasses, Google Play as well as access to Google’s amazing search, maps, video, and drive features. Check out the vid for more on Orbit!

Designer: Joseph Dumary


  • Hunter says:

    “Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation”?
    You mean “Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony”?

  • Connor says:

    Reminds me a lot of the NeXT Cube

  • Dan says:

    That is effin HUGE! Way too big.

    • thomas says:

      Huge? Its maybe 10in square how is that huge look at the size a Xbox one

    • Thomas says:

      Huge? Its maybe 10in square {prob 8″} how is that huge look at the size a Xbox one.

  • DD says:

    ugly not attractive at all

  • Hunter says:

    Yeah, because that’s exactly what matters when shopping for a video game console. Aesthetics.

  • hj says:

    Nice concept but lacklustre design beautiful renders though

  • designer says:

    It is huge when you compare the scale of the google glass next to it. The size is about the size of 4 PS3 slim stack up…so it should use full size desktop video cards(and using Crossfire/SLI)

  • Bri says:

    Holy 1990s batman!

  • Bri says:

    Holy 1990s batman! That looks awful. And yes aesthetics do matter in a games console, chanced are it’s going to sit in my living room for the next 8 years

  • Me says:

    It does not matter how big it is. All that matters is what it can do. If you look at the specs it is a lot better than the average home desktop.

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