Versatile Volvo Lifestyler trolley adapts to homeowners’ dynamic needs

Smart furniture and modern-day gadgets have made their unique space in modern living for good measure. So, how about fusing these two for a piece of furniture that’s mobile and ultra-compact?

This proposed trolley concept for Volvo, strives to inculcate a broad spectrum of options into one rig, so you don’t have to buy multiple products. One of the great advantages is space-saving aesthetics that outshine any other merit, on any given day.

Designer: PDF Haus

Conventionally Volvo would refrain from creating any sort of smart furniture, but if they reconsider, this Lifestyler trolley would be it. Focusing on work-from-home regimes keeping the environment and futureproofing in mind, the smart furniture piece comes with the brand’s focus on safety. The rig naturally blends into your lifestyle and expands the options for use courtesy of its flexible usability.

There’s enhanced work support with the Workpad to quickly take notes or manipulate the application interface with touch. This works in conjunction with the storage tray that adapts to the preset daily routines. The functionality is further expanded with a smart alarm & clock to keep a check on To-Do lists or schedules. Lighting on the trolley can also be toggled depending on the situation, such as during work, study, or creative leisure tasks such as painting.

The trolley can morph into multiple configurations, thus making it well-suited for any office, home office, or accompanying workstation desk. All the different smart modes can be toggled via a touch interface marked P, D, M and R. On the back side, there is space to keep important files and documents without any visual intrusion. The cables are also cleanly managed on the bottom rear to eliminate any visual clutter. Those bigger trays on the inside can also be configured according to need with the space separators to keep everything organized as desired.