Toy Toothbrushes for Tots


You’re never too young to start forming good habits and that’s especially true when it comes to dental health and hygiene. This clever collection of brushes by Studio HSNDGR aims to provide a fun, aesthetically friendly way to teach kids how to take care of their teeth!

Each brush in the set of three has a unique, toy-like shape complimented by vibrant colors that little ones will love. Clad in flexible, soft rubber, they’re also durable and have a tactile grip that won’t slip out of tiny hands. A sonic vibrating feature and integrated LED light are activated with the simple push of a button. Designed to be a subscription service, new brush heads will arrive at your door automatically to ensure you’re getting the most effective clean.

Designer: Studio HNSDGR


Designed for children from ages 0 to 8, both form and function match perfectly to skills and habits in different stages of life. At first Mom or Dad will help with these special soft bristled and round-happy sunshine-good-grip models. Little ones over the age of 3 can learn and master using the tripod with 2 hands. Later they can get a toothbrush that resembles Mom or Dad’s.