More to Minimalist Than Meets the Eye

As simple as it looks, this design is wayyyyyy more than just your average lamp. Created as a modern take on the lantern, the Fotogen lamp is minimalist in style but not in functionality. It power-packed with lots of surprising features to make your everyday life easier… including: Bluetooth control, touch sensitive on/off, adjustable light/color, customizable timer/alarm, as well as message and call indication/notification. You’ll appreciate the unusual yet simple design of the lamp and its aluminum body. Powerful battery enables Fotogen to work without being plugged to the grid for 5 hours. The lamp also has a powerful 650 lm 16M colors with an extra set of warm white LEDs. Best of all you can control it remotely – a truly smart device for your home!

Designer: Fotogen











  • jan deschepper says:

    very nice I will be tempted at the right price

  • Skanda says:

    Xiaomi makes a similar one that is slightly larger!
    You have to check that out too!

    The 16million colour is the best feature! A new colour every time!

  • Fotogen says:

    Hey! Thank for feedback. Fotogen has several important advantages over Xiaomi lamp. One being that it can work without being plugged to the grid, second is that Fotogen is round twice as bright.

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