Suit Up, Mr. Bond!

Let’s forget that archaic image of the businessman in a suit with an umbrella in one hand and a newspaper in the other. After all the technological wonders we’ve seen, from kevlar, to the recent water-repellent fabrics, why must the suit still stick to that old-fashioned ideal of being just a symbol of status and nothing more?

Over the past few years we’ve seen cult media replace that image with something much more up-to-date. I’m talking James Bond and Kingsman, where the suit is a symbol of being a modern-day warrior and is sported more like battle armor. Which makes sense, right? Because that’s what work’s all about, the hustle. The Tranzend Suit follows those lines, taking fashion and introducing it to function (I’m never tired of using that phrase!). The Tranzend suit is in every sense of the term, a suit… but it sets itself apart as the world’s first suit with a feature list. Made to absolutely unleash your beast-mode at work, the Tranzend is water-proof, UV-protected, anti-stain, anti-odor, wrinkle-free, breathable, stretchable, and eco-friendly. It is the first thing you’ll wear in the morning and the last thing you’ll wear all day.

Designed for work and life around work, the Tranzend keeps you stylish, first and foremost… while also keeping you protected from the sun, rain, heat, dust, and sweat. The two-piece suit comes with a shirt, and a detachable hood for when the weather turns sour. The suit’s water-repellent fabric keeps you dry even in the heaviest downpours. It also saves you from inevitable accidents like coffee-spills or ketchup/mustard leaks. Alongside the water-repellent properties, it even masks body odor, making you appear and even feel fresh, even after a tiring commute (or if you were in a situation similar to this). To top it all off, the suit’s fabric is completely eco-friendly.

The Tranzend’s magic lies in its fabric and the sheer amount of research and development gone into it. Developed using yarn that’s woven from recycled plastic and coffee-grounds (which is actually becoming increasingly popular… most denim companies like Levi’s utilize waste-plastic to make their jeans), the fabric can repel water as well as odors. In fact, most plastic bottles are also already UV protected, therefore the yarn woven from it tends to retain those qualities and help blocking our UV rays, allowing your skin to stay safe, and your clothes to last longer. The fabric doesn’t feel different to the touch either. The yarn is woven together with strands of Lycra Spandex to allow the suit to feel velvety smooth and even stretch a good deal (no more rips and tears).

Ideal for both inside as well as outside the boardroom, the Tranzend suit is the future of fabric and fashion. The kind of technology going into Tranzend’s clothing is ground-breaking and we’re increasingly seeing companies like Levi’s, Patagonia, The North Face, Timberland, and American Eagle adopt these trends, not just to provide apparel that look/feel great and last longer, but also do their bit to save the planet. Mark my words, this is the future of fashion! *cue in the James Bond soundtrack*

Designers: William Chen & Han Yeong of Tranzend

BUY NOW: $65.00 $109.00











BUY NOW: $65.00 $109.00