Carbon fiber wallets with V-shaped easy card access are good for lowering the risk of infection

There are two ways of going about designing an object. You could either A. look at previous versions of the object and try to improve upon them, or B. look at the problems the object was trying to solve and design a product that simply solves those problems. The Vext Slim feels a lot like the latter.

Rather than improving on traditional wallet designs, the Vext Slim looks at the contents of the modern wallet and the user’s needs and behavior patterns. In doing so, the Vext Slim behaves a lot like a great wallet, but don’t expect it to look like some rehashed version of a bifold or a money-clip, because it wasn’t designed with those products as a reference.

The Vext Slim’s design brief could arguably be summarized into three words. Smart, versatile storage. The wallet comes as a holster for your cards, made either out of carbon fiber or anodized aluminum (two materials known for their high strength-to-weight ratio). The wallet holds as many as 9 cards in a format that allows you to easily pick and choose cards with a single thumb. Swipe down for a card you don’t want to use, until you arrive at the right card, for which you swipe up… It’s essentially like Tinder for your cards. You can either pull out your active card to swipe it, or scan its chip right from within the wallet without taking it out… all with a single hand, making it easier to use if you’ve got one hand occupied, or better still, for someone with disabilities.

Along with its card-slot, the Vext Slim also packs an elastic band for your banknotes, as well as a discreet pouch for your coins or even other small items like thumb-drives, SIM cards, medicines, etc. In an increasingly digital world, the Vext Slim gets things right by prioritizing card-storage, but also being mindful of the fact that people still carry cash, receipts, coins, and other paraphernalia on them. Designed around this versatility, and more importantly around the behavior of whipping your wallet out of your pocket and popping the correct card out when you need it, the Vext shows that sometimes it’s more effective to build your product around user needs rather than simply trying to upgrade products of the past. Besides, the carbon-fiber construction should ensure your wallet lasts longer than you do!

Designer: Ari Horowitz of Sleek Life Design

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Vext Slim: The Quick Swipe Access Wallet

The Vext Slim carry cards, cash & small belongings in this intelligently-designed quick access wallet. This model holds up to 9 cards, and its signature design lets users easily swipe from one card to the next without taking any cards out. With a secure money band and discreet pocket on the back, Vext keeps cash and small items safe and sound.

The proprietary V-shaped window lets you easily swipe through cards to find the card you’re looking for. Simply swipe cards you don’t need down, and swipe the card you need up and out in a matter of seconds.

Vext Slim securely holds as few as 1 and as many as 9 cards (depending on card thickness). The cards are held by a gentle squeezing pressure on the edges (patent pending), meaning that no matter how many cards you’re carrying, you can be certain none of them will fall out.

Easy Chip Payments. You’ll never have to take a card out of your wallet to make a chip payment again. Simply slide the card forward to insert into the reader. Collapse the card back into place and keep moving.

Cash Band & Pouch. The band attached to the back of the wallet lets you hold cash and a few additional cards, without getting bulky. The industrial elastic is double stitch-enforced for strength, and the leather tab gives an area for you to pull the pocket open.

The band attached to the back of the wallet also doubles as a pocket. Perfect for holding onto valet tags, medication, and even a key or two (assuming you don’t need every key on your keychain for a night out).

All Vext Slim Wallets are engineered with extreme tolerance to ensure maximum security & durability. The wallets are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and come in a variety of finishes:

– Glossy Carbon fiber- extremely lightweight, durable, black
– Aircraft-grade aluminum- lightweight, durable, variety of color options

Click Here to Buy Now: $30 $35 (15% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!