When Furniture, Origami, and Ergonomics combine!

We enjoy seeing how far a designer can push furniture to be portable and innovative at the same time. In a way, the Flux Chair is quite similar to the Ollie Chair since they both can compress down to a flat pack, making them a dream to store and very easy to transport/carry around. The impressive thing however about the Flux chair is its ability to do so A. in a way that makes carrying even easier because your folded chair is smaller as well as lighter, and B. using just one material that isn’t just flexible when you need it, but rigid enough to support the body’s weight too.

The beauty of Flux is in the way it transforms from a large polypropylene envelope (briefcase sized) to a fully functioning chair that takes all of 3 minutes to set up. Using curved folds to make the chair structurally sound, the designers have managed to strike a rather lovely blend between structural integrity, and a unique aesthetic that doesn’t look anything like something you would imagine would be achievable through folding (Yves Behar’s Kada Stool, for example). In fact it reminds one of an origami version of the Pantone Chair, if you ask me, personally! The curves not only give the Flux chair its incredible load-bearing abilities, they even make the chair comfortable to sit on, as the curves on the chair match those on the sitter’s bodies.

The Chair comes a variety of colors and even features a Junior size for children. Its curved aesthetic and folding principle have been juxtaposed on many more furniture pieces, ranging from footstools, to even fully-functional minibars! You can check out more on the Flux Furniture series here!

Designers: Douwe Jacobs & Tom Schouten.