Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ’em

I think it’s probably the childhood incident where I was helping my father to hammer in with some DIY project and I hurt my thumb pretty bad. But its put me off hammers for life! I guess the only way you can get me to bang in some nails is with protective sheaths like this Fear Not Hammer. Guides that hold the nail in place, allow you to hammer without the fear of hurting yourself. Please Hammer don’t hurt ‘em!

Fear Not Hammer is a 2012 iF Design Talents Entry.

Designer: Cheng-Wei Wang


  • Quintin says:

    Won’t work… you’ll have no ‘feeling’ of the nail and when you mis, you’ll still hit your fingers…

    Just work on your hand-eye coordination, instead of thinking up ‘solutions’ like this…

    The hammer also looks uncomfortable, the stem is too short and thick, it’ll be too stiff and hurt your wrist.

  • jan deschepper says:

    Excellent idea in a superb workout. You get the prize from me. Pherhaps the carpenter isn’t happy with it but I am.

  • The Jackson says:

    Looks like it is able to put the nails at 90 and 45 degrees only…

  • Feniks says:

    Take a simple hammer to the starting point. It does not change too much. Add long grip on the nail holder. This will allow your fingers safe. Holder for nails must be semicircular. So can we drive nails at different angles. I wish you luck.

  • Perth Ubar says:

    As mentioned already, the hammer is not an effective design. So lose the hammer, the consumer can get their own. The actual nail holder is a great idea that can be developed further. Be aware that small nails (tacks) are harder to use than the fairly big nails that you have there. Would the product be able to handle different sized nails or would a range of holders have to be bought?

  • Mason says:

    Needs a lot more development as an idea. For instance: Mill aluminum? Thats a 200$ hammer and the nail piece at the bottom WILL NOT work as it is designed here.
    And the renderings are sideways? Cast shadows going up??

  • szilveszter says:

    Hipster hammer 🙂

  • Mike Troy says:

    How do you remove the nails if you have made a mistake? a conventional hammer design would be more effective

  • Alfred Moore says:

    price: fear not hammer – 500 units

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