The Whiskey Whisperer


Cast your mind back two years to the release of the Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle – every whiskey lover’s dream. The design of the Whiskey Wedge is as though the designer, Ryan Bricker, reached inside the mind of every whiskey drinker and stole their thoughts. The glass is a double old-fashioned size glass with a gorgeous shape comprised of freeze strength glass. How it works is very simple – you add water into the glass, insert the mold, then freeze. The ice forms an elegant wedge which compliments the glass in a unique manner and, similar to a glacier, melts slowly due to the reduced amount of surface area. Genius.

Well, we have good news for you, Ryan Bricker has designed yet another must-have glass with Corkcicle in the form of the Cigar Glass. This modified tumbler is wonderfully original and just oozes all sorts of cool. Similar to the Whiskey Wedge this double old-fashioned whiskey glass is handmade too, but it comes with an ergonomic built-in cigar rest – fitting so perfectly together, it will make you forget what it used to be like holding a cigar and a whiskey glass at the same time before the Cigar Glass. This glass is only the second addition that Ryan Bricker has designed with Corkcicle, and if we’re lucky, we may begin to see a lot more of these funky whiskey glasses to come.

What you may find interesting is Bricker isn’t your traditional Industrial Designer, in fact, he’s not an Industrial Designer at all. Bricker started out as an urban designer/architect and began experimenting with Industrial Design and consumer products ever since he set up his own company R | E | Bricker Studio 5 years ago – here you’ll find him use his combined 20 years’ experience, experimenting with various platforms from technology ideation and furniture design to small-scale art installations. As if Ryan wasn’t already juggling so much, he currently serves as the design director for HNTB too. An impressive resume for sure – with a lot more to come by the sound of things.

Designer: Ryan Bricker for Corkcicle