Limited Edition “Lord of the Rings” Mechanical Keyboard is STRICTLY for the True Nerds

“Blinded by their greed, they took them without question. One by one, they fell into darkness…” The Middle-Earth Ringwraith’s fate gets captured beautifully on this greed-eliciting keyboard that I definitely want to get my hands on. Designed as a limited-edition drop, the Ringwraith Keyboard features exceptional build quality, exclusive components, and brand-new case artwork thanks to a collaboration between the folks at and Middle Earth Enterprises.

The 80% keyboard boasts a TKL layout and comes with meticulously printed keycaps containing the Quenya language, embedded within a stunning red aluminum outer case. The escape key comes adorned with the eye of Sauron, the enter key with the shards of the sword Narsil, the function key is the ring itself, while the spacebar has the ring’s inscription printed on it. Don’t get too tempted, though… there are only 9 such keyboards forged into existence.

Designer: Drop + Middle Earth Enterprises (Artwork by OSHETART)

The keyboard isn’t quite for everyone – you’ll either need to have great muscle memory or a working knowledge of the Quenya language, given that all the keys feature the Quenyan script (the real symbols are written in small subscript in the bottom right corner, however). The keyboard features Holy Panda X Switches with Phantom Stabilizers, providing a uniquely tactile bump and ultra-smooth keystroke. The keycaps, however, are swappable and Drop even provides extra caps for the arrow, escape, enter, and spacebar keys.

The 87-key keyboard also comes with an optional set of artisan keycaps (shown in the top corner below), allowing you to add actual 3D imagery to your board. The keyboard has a white backlight for easy typing even in the dark, comes with a USB-C cable and a keycap switcher. The entire set (excluding the artisan keycaps) starts at $149, and is limited to 9 units.

The graphics on the keyboard stay true to the LOTR series with Quenyan inscriptions