Sony’s PlayStation 5 is easily the world’s most beautiful looking gaming console

Well, I’ll say this… the guys at Sony really do know how to keep a secret! For months we’ve been peddling around schematics of an absolutely atrocious looking gaming console, but after its grand reveal at Sony’s PS event just a few hours ago, our eyes were treated to this absolutely beautiful sleek design with supple curves and a Stormtrooper white-and-black color combination. Way to turn things around, Sony!

The PS5 channels an exceedingly eye-catching organic design comparable to the Xbox 360 when it first launched. The design language matches that of the DualSense controller which debuted just two months prior. Despite its gently curved body, the console possesses the ability to be kept vertically as well as horizontally (thanks to a neat base-stand that supports both resting formats). The PS5’s body comes with a slim profile, but its clever use of dual-colors, and the surface-like treatment of its white exterior allows it to appear much slimmer than it actually is. Blue lights sit in the gap between the black body and the two white sandwich-surfaces (should we just call this a reverse-Oreo?), with grilles running along from top to bottom too, enabling cooling and proper airflow. All in all, the organic visual language definitely gives the PS5 a more calming appearance, and a better visual edge over Microsoft’s bukly, blockish, ‘air-purifier-like’ Xbox X.

There’s no word on the PS5’s pricing yet, but the console will come in two variants… a more expensive one with a built-in 4K Blu-ray drive, and a thinner, bilaterally symmetrical, lower-priced Digital Edition that will run entirely on online games. Along with the PS5 (and the DualSense controller), Sony’s also revealed its Pulse 3D headphones, which wholly embrace the series’ sleek, winning, B/W color combination.

Designer: Sony