Solving Travel’s Biggest Problem

Now the biggest woe of traveling isn’t losing your luggage (I’ve seen so many suitcases try to crack this nugget) or lack of modularity (it’s good to go modular, but non-modularity isn’t a concrete problem) or having to lug your heavy bags around (wheels have solved this problem, but the self-driving robotic suitcase we’ve seen on social media seems more like a novelty than a necessity). The big problem one always faces, is having to own two separate bags for check-in and carry-on, and having to plan my packing oscillating between the two of them and whether I need the small bag, the big bag, or both. Now here’s the thought. What if you could have a bag that grows and shrinks in size to fit both the needs?

Well, we’ve seen bags expanding to allow extra storage, but nothing quite like this. The XTEND’s bag literally shrinks vertically in size to meet carry-on dimension requirements, and then expands (when you need to) for when you want a large bag to check-in. One bag literally fits all situations by being compact when you want it, and spacious when you need it, allowing it to be the only bag that can be carried with you as cabin luggage, or transported as checked-in baggage. The XTEND does this using a collapsible inner ‘belt’ or zone, that when opened out, makes the bag up to 40% larger.

Aside from its shape-shifting abilities, it outdoes itself with additional features, including 2 concealed laptop hatches (one for 13″ and another for 15″ laptops), a separate compartment for shoes/magazines/jackets, an in-built power strip featuring 2 USB + 1 MicroUSB sockets, armed with a generous 20,000 mAh battery, powerful enough to charge not just your phones and tablets, but even your laptop! Plus, you’ll be stunned by the number of accessories that come along with the suitcase. If that wasn’t enough, the XTEND even features bio-metric locking! Which means if your bag ever gets flicked prematurely off the conveyor belt, its contents can’t be accessed without the correct finger-print. Not just as a prospective user, but even as a designer, I have to say I’m impressed. The XTEND may just be the most superior, user-centric, consciously-designed piece of luggage so far… and that’s saying a lot.

Designers: Koert Vanoverbecke, Louis Develay & Jerome Tricault

BUY NOW: $299 $499



The XTEND carry-on expands and retracts by 40% in volume! Use it as a carry on or expand it into full size and use it as a regular suitcase to fit all of your travel needs!


The built-in power and convenient charging pocket will charge all your devices on the go. Never run out of power again!


XTEND’s all-terrain wheels were designed with style and durability. They’ll withstand practically any terrain without flipping on you.






BUY NOW: $299 $499