A Breath of Fresh Air


A kitchen is more than likely the room in the house that you most want to be hygienic, after all, its where you handle, cook and consume food. The designer of CEILI AIR recognized this and have designed a product which increases the quality of the air in the upper part of the room.

It was important to the designer that the form of CEILI AIR matched the atmosphere of the kitchen and avoided the industrial form that some more conventional air purifiers can carry. To assist with this, it is suspended from the ceiling on a thin, metal line, this allows the height of it to be easily adjusted to suit its environment.

Integrated seamlessly into the body is light which can be is operated with just a touch. Perforations on both the left and right side of the device act as air inlets, the purified air then exits out of the front and rear sections. This would surely be a welcomed addition to any kitchen!

Designer: Changho Lee