Turn your elevator into Narnia!

Imagine stepping into your building’s elevator, but except of traveling to your floor in a boring metal cuboid, you get to glimpse into a magical wonderland as you travel upwards!

Panoramia is an interior design technology company that turns elevator rides into mystic journeys with their 3D visualizations. One or more screens mounted on the back of the elevator display one of the many visualizations created by Panoramia’s VR team. The moment the elevator moves up and down, the visualizations react and adapt accordingly, making you look like you’re rising above the mountains, with the birds around you and the grasslands beneath you! “When entering an elevator, image that you experience a panoramic view of the surrounding city skyline, a breath-taking scenery of a Norse fjord, a moon landscape or a stylish abstract visual representation of your brand. Panoramia becomes that window. Our mission is to let people turn their elevator rides into journeys”, says Niklas Lundback, Co-founder of Panoramia.

The Panoramia can be retrofitted onto any elevator, and the company plans to launch globally soon. I can’t wait to be in one of those elevators. Imagine all the Instagram and Snapchat Stories!

Designer: Panoramia