You Can Put This Wallet on Speed-dial!

Yes, this wallet holds your money, but that’s so passé. The Zillion wallet can do much MUCH more.

You’re at home getting ready to step out, you’ve got your keys and your phone. Your hand reaches for your back pocket and alas! Your wallet! It isn’t there! You panic momentarily before you realize you’ve got a Zillion Wallet. You pull your phone out and give your wallet a call. Your wallet begins ringing from inside the house… you follow the sound, and voila! There it is!

Imagine if situations were more dire. Like you’re at your local barista, or at a fancy restaurant on a date, or the library, or even worse, in public transport. You can instantly track the Zillion wallet, not only making it ring loudly, but you can also spot its location on your phone in real-time.

Not only is the Zillion wallet virtually loss/theft-resistant, it even comes with a 2500 mAh battery on the inside. Since wallets and phones are such prime necessities in today’s world, it only makes sense to functionally pair them in an elegant way, and the Zillion does just that. The battery hidden discreetly inside the wallet’s design is capable of giving your phone a solid charge, not only allowing your smart-device to stay juiced up, but also relieving you from carrying that oh-so-bulky power-bank in your pocket… a phenomenon aptly named the “battery butt”!

With a thinness that rivals your smartphone, the Zillion wallet holds your cash, cards, a battery AND a Tile sensor that allows it to be tracked by its owner from anywhere. It slips easily in and out of your pocket, and looks stylish while doing so. Available in two colors, and fabricated out of sheep leather, the Zillion wallet looks highly desirable…but what do you have to worry about when you can literally call your wallet up in case it goes missing or gets stolen! Because who needs an outdated wallet that just holds cash?

Designer: Matt Orlic

Buy Now: $79.00 $129.00