The JOTM Watch Is An Ode To The Moon…

Unconventional yet beautiful, the Jump Over The Moon by MAALS focuses on the lesser appreciated aspects of time-telling. With a Miyota 6P24 movement on the inside, the Jump Over The Moon, or JOTM for short, is an elegant moonphase watch that combines practical with romantic, telling time that’s accurate to the second, but also beautifully depicting the phases of the moon, a cycle that takes precisely 29.53 days, and is the yardstick we use to measure our months.

The JOTM watch comes with a clean dial and a guitar-pick shaped window your eye is immediately attracted towards. The dial itself may be in the foreground, but it visually forms a background to the window, which displays the information you need. Ditching the hour and the minute hand, the watch tells time using rotating discs that are visible within the guitar-pick window, along with the current moonphase. Above this window lies the second’s hand which methodically does its rounds of the dial. The markings on the dial help you count seconds as the hand silently marches across the dial.

While the watch, on the front, is a balance between foreground and background, or elements and breathing space, the back of the watch chronicles takes its inspiration from the name with bespoke artwork by UK-based artist OKSE, depicting an astronaut in a star-studded scene. Every caseback for JOTM, both black and silver, will be laser etched with OKSE’s rendition of ‘jumping over the moon’.

The watch comes with a stainless steel body, available in a brushed metallic as well as a PVD black variant. The casing boasts of waterproofing up to 5ATM, with domed glass with an anti-reflective coating to the front over domed sunburst dials, underneath which sits the Miyota 6P24 quartz movement. Along with the vegetable-tanned leather straps, the watch is available with bespoke handmade leather pouches, made by Warwickshire-based leather goods company, FizzArrow.

Designers: Andy & Mark Sealey

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Jump Over The Moon by MAALS

Designed in the UK and influenced by a love of design, cars and 70’s classic watches, the first timepiece from MAALS is a retro modern, moonphase titled Jump Over The Moon. Named after the stacked arrangement of its movement, Jump Over The Moon (JOTM) will be available in either a brushed stainless steel finish or a black steel finish.


Unique Moonphase Movement

A Miyota 6P24 multi-function movement powers their moonphase creation. Through their triangular opening step stacked top to bottom, the minutes and hours are shown on two rotating discs with the moonphase element at the tip of the triangle. Pinning the stack is a central metallic second hand.


Double Domed Dial and Crystal

They chose domed sunburst silver or black finishes to add vibrancy to the dial background, then also domed the mineral crystal to create a classic look.


Exlcusive Caseback Artwork

They worked with renowned UK artist OKSE, to design exclusive caseback artwork for JOTM. Using the name as inspiration, OKSE created an outer space star studded scene, with an astronaut reaching out and jumping over the moon, while in the background an alien abduction over Earth is captured.


Handmade Leather Watch Pouches

Exlcusive hand cut and stitched vegetable tanned leather watch pouches made in partnership with UK boutique leather goods company FizzArrow. To encourage people to collect watches every pouch connects to additional MAALS pouches to protect your collection as it grows.


Click here to Buy Now: $235.00 $360.00 (35% off)