Smart Dispenser

Very basic and minimum, that’s the Eco-pump Refill Dispenser for you. It’s just an outer shell, with a nozzle and pipe that can fit over refill pouches directly. So this means you don’t have to spill the refill pouch contents into a bottle…you know the drill. Result? Minimal wastage, once you’re through with the refill pouch, screw in another. Just for an added effect, the pump has tiny Braille engravings so that shampoo and soap bottles can be differentiated, even with shampoo suds in your eyes.

Designers: Bang Ki Ryoul & Junga Kim

Eco-pump Refill Dispenser Packaging by Bang Ki Ryoul & Junga Kim





  • Ad says:

    Sweet more plastic for the gyre… disposable plastic packaging is the death…

  • Rodrigo Krieger says:

    more plastic

  • hyejin says:

    It was good! Thank you. i want to scrap my blog..

  • Robert says:

    …. practicable?? maybe… home?? not really.. but i can see it for hotels…since they always seem to provide tiny plastic bottles that hold only enough soap for 1 wash…..

  • Hunter says:

    so the user is required to purchase these film refill packs at a likely premium or face the fact that the base uses more plastic than normal 10 refill bottles?

  • ami says:

    nice idea!!!
    well, some people said.. more plastic.., i think.. it’s not more.. it just the same.. nothing change.. if you don’t want more plastic just don’t buy something with plastic, don’t buy reffil.

    • Todd says:

      A large refill package uses much less plastic then many small ones. For instance the shower size Aveda shampoo bottle and then refills via their 1 liter bottles.

  • Todd says:

    Inefficient, ugly, hard to keep clean.

  • hendry wb says:

    i want to buy this pump 5000 pcs. how much?

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