The Only Travel+Photography Bag You Need

People tend to anthropomorphize their special possessions like their car, bike, guitar, or their camera. They shower it with love and care, calling them “their girl” or referring to them as “her”. If your camera is like your girl, the V4 backpack by Black Ember is its super-essential little black dress. The modular backpack, designed ‘especially’ for shutterbugs allows you to carry any and everything related to travel, adventure, and photography in a format that is of use to you.

Designed to connect the dots between work and passion, the bag accommodates everything from clothes, to gear, and even comes with accessories like a foldout laptop sleeve. Carry it like a backpack, or sideways like a briefcase, the bag allows you to handle your gear in your own way too. The secret to the V4’s inherent awesomeness is intelligent compartmentalization. The bag comes with compartments that lock right to the bag’s secure inner wall using magnetic locks. The very experience of feeling your gear secure itself in place with the ‘kachunk’ sound feels great and knowing that no matter what, expensive pieces of equipment won’t collide with each other, is highly reassuring.

Individual compartment cubes (made for separate uses and needs) can easily be customized within the bag, allowing you to carry more or less equipment. The bag can even be compressed to 50% thickness so that it stays tightly packed when you have less gear. What’s more, the individual magnet-locking compartments can be used individually. Designed to echo the V4’s aesthetic, each ‘DSLR Cube’ can be used as a standalone carry-along pouch for when you just want to have a camera with you. If you really want to up your game, the V4’s additional accessories even include a passport case that snaps to the bag’s side and even though the bag is thoroughly weatherproof, an additional silicone coated nylon fabric rain cover shields your entire bag from the harshest rain, sleet, and snow… making your travel, adventure, and photography game absolutely hardcore!

Designer: Black Ember