The Ultimate Smartphone for Creatives


Centered around Microsoft’s unique focus on creation and productivity, the Surface Phone introduces a beautifully-designed Surface product into the realm of smartphones.

Following in the footsteps of the Surface tablet, the Surface Phone is powered by Continuum, and able to transition to a full-fledged desktop PC when equipped with a monitor and keyboard. This means you can keep your files and programs on one single device. No mouse necessary, Surface Phone’s touchscreen works as a touchpad with an added intuitive user interface to bring an entirely new, powerful way to experience Windows on the desktop.

As for photography, the Surface’s Fusion Camera is a combination of four powerful components: a wide-angle lens, a zoom lens, Xenon flash, and a laser-tracking device. These four parts work together to not only create high-quality photos, but power space-tracking capabilities. Not to leave out the VR revolution, the space-tracking capabilities of the Fusion Camera are able to record experiences for HoloLens. Experiences recorded by Fusion Camera, enjoyed through HoloLens make the user feel as though they were there put in the place of the person who recorded it. Now you can experience standing at Tiananmen Square, or a plaza in Rome, or in the middle of a vast plain in Siberia, all with a Surface Phone and HoloLens combination!

As if all that weren’t enough, it also features a specialized Companion Cover that works not only as a screen cover for Surface Phone, but also as an extra battery and additional USB-C ports. Additionally, Companion Cover allows the device to be put into a multitude of different positions.

Designer: Casmir Valeri


Crafted from premium aluminum alloys, Companion Cover enables near unlimited positions to Surface Phone, creating a convenient, cleverly thought-out experience.


Companion Cover protects Surface Phone while providing additional USB-C ports and doubling the battery life of your device.


Powered by Continuum, Surface Phone seamlessly transitions from a phone to a personal computer, storing all of your files and applications in the palm of your hand.


Surface Phone integrates a multitouch trackpad with an intuitive user interface to create and entirely new, powerful way to experience Windows on the desktop.


Creatives never stop thinking of novel ideas. Surface Phone with Surface Pen makes sketching and keeping those ideas quicker and easier than ever.


Surface Phone + HoloLens allows you to create, enjoy, and share experiences never before possible.


The dual-lenses and laser-tracking technology of Fusion Camera work together to not only create high-quality photographs, but with space-tracking capabilities, completely redefines what cameras are capable of.


Fusion Camera is able to create immersive augmented reality experiences for HoloLens.