Introducing, ILA for Educators!


ILA, the Intelligent Learning Assistant, was designed with classrooms in mind and aims to enhance both learning and teaching! Specifically, it gives teachers more time to actually TEACH by doing roll call, collecting assignments, distributing materials, finding and managing resources, and, more importantly, keep track of pupil progress and participation.

Harnessing IBM’s cognitive computing system, Watson, ILA collects, analyzes, and converts information into natural language. Not only does this allow educators to access, evaluate, and integrate new teaching material, but it also provides them with analysis and diagnostics on the progress of each individual student’s verbal skills and literary understanding. This makes it possible for educations to assess and tailor the learning behavior and path of each individual student.

Designers: Claire Puginier, Fabiana Valletta, Juan White, David Ricketts, & Joshua Tewes-McCoy


“Through the collection of sensory data, her connection to the cloud, and her inbuilt projector and cognitive computing system, she can assist students and educators alike,” designers told YD.


“Ubiquitous computing is not far out of reach and the new generations are already natives to the digital world. Mobile technologies and cloud computing continue to shrink the perceived size of the world, and we find ourselves encountering and experiencing foreign cultures and ideas every day”.


“To effectively manage and evaluate what these ideas mean, and how they exist in relation to one another, the next generations will need to be open-minded and adaptive. ILA will offer them an education that transmutes language barriers, encompasses a well-organized understanding of the world, and gives them access to the most up-to-date resources.

Through ILA, students are able to become early adopters of break-through technologies and the computing systems that will allow them to navigate the connected world of tomorrow with confidence and ease.”