Portable Barista

Huddle around coffee drinkers coz I bring to you this unique esPRESSivo Portable Espresso Coffee Maker. The trouble with brewing espresso outdoors is the dynamics of pressing coffee beans and of course the relevant equipments, so thermosflasks is the way to go. Until this brainwave of hand-pressing the beans using the esPRESSivo machine comes to life! The all-in-one-unit allows you to press the beans, light up a small flame at the base of the unit to brew your cuppa, and stores the surplus! Brilliant!

Designer: Shao-Lun Chao

esPRESSivo Portable Espresso Coffee Maker by Shao-Lun Chao







  • damien says:

    Hi is this a concept or actually avail for purchase?


  • design_comp says:

    i like the 10 points in image 3. there should be no 11 too.

    11. spend 3 hours cleaning this product out to use again next time.

  • IAmThatStrange says:

    Pray tell, where do you froth the milk ;-). Get that added in and I’ll buy.

  • Urzay G says:

    Hey there,
    This is a great concept indeed and I agree with IAmThatStrange’s comment about frothing the milk.
    Urzay G

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