Want A 3D Mobile Phone?

With Samsung and company outing 3D televisions for home viewers and China loving 3D newspapers, it’s not too farfetched to picture the technology being used in laptops and mobile phones. Focusing on the use of 3D in cellphones, Petr Kubik has designed this all-in-one-piece that includes the glasses, intuitive stylus and expandable screens. The 3D apps support 3D movies and camera plus allow you to make surreal calls with family and friends that pop outta the screen!

Here are some of the specs envisioned for the 3D Mobile Phone:

  • Photovoltic screen at the rear for instant recharging
  • Dimensions: 66x133x14mm
  • Expandable Touch Display size: 177x104mm
  • Interactive stylus
  • 3D Glasses
  • Adjustable Leg Support

Designer: Petr Kubik

3D Mobile Phone by Petr Kubik
















  • Lamah says:

    The designer seriously expects that people will wear those goofy glasses just so they can use their phones? Dream on.

    The picture showing the screen floating above the keyboard is pure fantasy. Consider – what happens when your hands completely cover the physical screen? You can’t see it any more. So how could the light for the floating display be reaching your eyes? Your hands block the 3D view just as with a normal screen.

  • Hartigan says:

    @ dsigner: Don’t Be silly…

  • n. David says:

    Not to be obvious, but are the glasses really necessary? Why not install a parallax barrier* and be done with it? (The tech isn’t even that far off. We should be seeing products with parallax barriers in the next 12 months).

    *A parallax barrier lets you have a 3D screen without the need for 3D glasses

  • StereoTypo says:

    Come on people! 3D =/= Hologram. the ILLUSION of depth is limited to the line of sight with the screen.

  • jo says:

    3D motion..um.
    I don’t like it
    very ..uncomfortable

  • Jackman says:

    They should make a holographic screen instead

  • Jackman says:

    They should make a holographic screen instead

  • Eden says:

    that is a really great idea, but i'm not really lovin' the 3D glasses. it would be kind of a hassle, and the wearer would look pretty silly.

  • Eden says:

    that is a really great idea, but i'm not really lovin' the 3D glasses. it would be kind of a hassle, and the wearer would look pretty silly.

  • @piyushnp says:

    Awesome.. It seems tough to see in real life.. he he

  • @piyushnp says:

    Awesome.. It seems tough to see in real life.. he he

  • abdul haseeb says:

    its niiiissssssse

  • abdul haseeb says:

    its niiiissssssse

  • abdulhaseeb says:

    howw to buy?

  • abdulhaseeb says:

    howw to buy?

  • I wonder how the 3d will affect our senses and our relationships to the real world. It's hard enough after a few hours of quake..

  • haids says:

    hi ti phone will be the gratest phone i ever seen. i want to buy this. when dose it relizing it amazing. thank u for lg manager.

  • Kevin says:

    I am looking for a software to designe a mobile phone.. Anybody got any ideas on where i can get this ? If not, does anybody have a “Name” of a software that is good for this purpose ? 🙂 Btw, designer: I like the concept and the depth of the designe.. It look pretty nice. You should try to produce this phone that you have designed. I would like to se it 🙂 And btw, what software do you use ?

  • Destiny says:

    why use glasses? i wouldn;t even wanna be seen in those glasses. id look funny in them lol. and what if your on youtube or some other website watchiong something and someone like the grudge or something pops up and scares the crap out of you? its in 3D! it will scare you even more.

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