Attachment Apartments!


What if your furniture wasn’t modular, but rather your apartment was? Inspired by the Nagakin Capsule Tower from the 1970s, the Pod Skyscraper is basically a massive metal framework with a robotic crane on top that picks up modular house-cubes and slides them into designated spots withing the skyscraper. The Pods are the interesting bit. Pods can be designed for any use, be it apartments, office space, a gym – the options are endless, and residents/owners would be able to buy bigger slots in the tower to create larger and more complex living-pods.

It’s like a massive game of Tetris, designed to solve housing/construction problems, allowing people to customize probably the most un-customizable part of their life so far. Instead of shifting out of a smaller apartment to find a bigger apartment, you simply expand your own by plugging in extra modules! Buildings don’t get demolished, rather individual pods get pulled out, maintained, and stored for usage again.

Designer: Haseef Rafiei