Turning one of the most iconic album artwork into furniture


Looking at the Darkside Stool/Side-Table, it isn’t particularly challenging trying to figure out where they took their inspiration from.

Designed clearly by fans of Pink Floyd, the Darkside pays tribute to easily the most influential album of its time, The Dark Side of the Moon. The Darkside Stool aims at deconstructing it, taking the elements apart, and rearranging them in a manner that seems like an aesthetic remembrance of an album that was “totally rock and roll”. Made from Stainless Steel and Acrylic, the stool has all the visual elements from the background. The triangular prism finds itself at the base of the stool, made of stainless steel and colored black, while the prismatic material forms the acrylic seat on top. Lastly, the seven colors of the spectrum form supports for the acrylic seat (although there are only six here, to give the seating bilateral symmetry). The fact that, without mentioning the music album, the stool makes such a strong and singular statement seems beautiful… and frankly, worth the A’ Design Award it managed to win!

The Darkside Stool is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Romulo Teixeira & Cintia Miyahira.