French Fries made Functional!

You may think that Starbucks is doing great things with food and innovation but no company is as innovative as McDonald’s when it comes to uplifting your dining experience. Remember earlier this year when they debuted a newly designed, aerospace engineered straw that would allow you to drink both upper and lower parts of a two flavor milkshake at the same time? Well, the same company hopes to keep your hands clean while you munch on their Signature Crafted™ burgers with a rather fun-yet-unnecessary-yet-incredible product.

A messy burger is a good burger. But what when your toppings begin spilling out the sides onto your plate? You get your hands dirty trying to pick them up and eat them before the 5-second rule kicks in. Not anymore, say the guys at McDonald’s, as they debuted the Frork! Part-french fry, part fork, this rather hilarious attachment uses pieces of french-fries as fork prongs, allowing you to pick at salad portions, or scoop up fallen toppings and munch on them like an absolute boss. The perk? You get to eat fries with everything!

Designer: McDonald’s