Light of Distinction

Drawing inspiration from Brasa, we have here an exceptionally slim and innovative rear light for cycles. The design optimizes the use of Light Line Technology (LLT), where the technique and optics clearly offset the single string of lights from the rest of the body, giving the impression that a red line is floating in the air. An easily accessible switch and simple battery removal, make it very practical and efficient light.

As the designer explains, “The LLT uses one LED only and the extra-wide shape of its light guide allows a great visibility on both corners, offering more visibility and safety for the user and other road users. An additional asset of this technology is that the power consumption is extremely low compared to other rear lights on the market. The Brasa is available in both dynamo and battery versions, with sensor (automatic) and safe-stop functions. Customization of the glass mask and the housing are possible on demand.

The Light Line Technology of the Brasa has one single LED, which consumes 23 mA only. This brings the autonomy of the battery versions up to 160h.”

Designers: Mathis Heller & WeLL Design with Spanninga


  • Er says:

    I would love to have a few on them to use. I cycle 7 months out of the yr and this would be nice when it comes to night time cycling

  • JanD says:

    nice rearlight. I hope it has a darkness sensor so it switches on automatically.
    My bike would be worth twice the price.

  • Don Hogan says:

    You gonna vanish on me afterward!?

  • smsf says:

    Excellent size, I always thought the backlight on bycicles were way to small.

  • davey says:

    Why do I need this?

  • mia says:

    The drawing and Product r different things ~ Why ?

  • Tim says:

    Even better would be to make the light removable and allow recharge via standard mini-B USB cable (e.g. at your desk at work or home).

  • Spanninga says:

    Hi, the Brasa is now available for sale for the public. You can get more info on our website here:
    Please feel free to contact us to check where you can find it.

  • Bright Tailer says:

    I’m searching for the brightest taillamp for rack mounting. The lineo should do the job very well as the light line plus.

    Is there still room for improving the output factor in terms of luminescence or brightness? I mean, most rack-mount-based taillight try to keep the 12 candela-restriction but how many candela does the brasa or the lineo have?

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