Mr. Musk’s anti-traffic tunnels

ICMYI (In Case You Missed It) turns out, Elon Musk isn’t joking. The traffic in Los Angeles pushed him to reinvent travel yet again… first with Tesla, second (and more broadly) with SpaceX), now the Boring Company aims at doing something you would expect from an Isaac Asimov novel.

The basic plan (as the video shows) is to convert the entire city’s underground into a dizzying network of life-size Hot Wheels tracks that cross, overlap, merge, etc., covering each and every nook and corner of the city. To regulate the traffic, cars wouldn’t drive on these tracks… They would be carried on platforms that move at speeds as high as 200kmph (even though your car isn’t technically moving, you’ll still need that seatbelt). These platforms appear on the road above and when the car parks itself inside it, they descend downwards into the network of tunnels and take off. It’s safe to say that this will obviously take some time, since Mr. Musk has a lot of projects to work on. Putting humans on Mars being one of the loftier objectives!

Designer: Elon Musk (The Boring Company)