Two Holes Are Better Than One

A small annoyance of mine is having to wait for a sauce or dressing like ketchup to trickle down from the bottom but with the Dual Bottle, my impatience is alleviated. A simple solution would be to always leave the bottle inverted, but I’m way too OCD for that. With the Dual Bottle, there’s no up or down. Just open the end where the condiment goodness is closest to and BOOM (ala Steve Jobs style), food is smothered.

P.S. Yes there is a smaller version for dry condiments but that made less sense to me since gravity does just fine with standard bottles.

Designer: Kai-yu Lei

Dual-open Bottle by Kai-yu Lei


  • bep says:

    gotta get myself some of that “catchup”

  • Chris Burns says:

    Disturbing title! Well done.

    • Jeremiah says:

      HAHAHA I got that too, so wrong in so many ways XD. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this idea yet, it seems like something we should’ve thought of years ago, many years ago.

    • Jeremiah says:

      Good find, I suppose this was a source of inspiration. It only takes one idea to spark another. Think trees: Some ideas are seeds and roots, others are trunks and branched 😉

  • says:

    that works soo well!

  • What?! says:

    Don’t limit yourself… “Dual Bottle” should be just that a dual bottle. One side ketchup the other side mustard. One side salt and the other, pepper. You get the point.

    • Jeremiah says:

      As awesome as it would be, especially to conserve space, I can see a few problem arising with this little plan of yours.

      1. One condiment being used more than the other, resulting in one side being, not necessarily wasted, but taking up space. For instance: Say I love ketchup, but I don’t really like mustard. I would eventually have a half bottle of mustard just sitting there in my fridge that I probably won’t use, taking up unnecessary for a certain duration of time.

      2. If we did use the bottle to share condiments, even if we use them both equally, it would totally cancel the effect of this idea. It would be like stacking one onesided small bottle of ketchup right-side-up, on top of a small onesided bottle of mustard upside-down, (cause you would need to have something in the middle seperating the two, obviously), making them normal and bringing back the same issue this design solves. It would be like a dual “condiment” bottle (saving on space is a plus), because each condiment would have only one opening (bringing back the initial problem is a minus); rather than a dual “opening” bottle for a single condement on both ends of the bottle, which is what we have here. Now you could split the bottle with a vertical wall, making it possible for the condiments to reach both ends, but then you would need a special double opening cap of some sort, and in theory it sounds like it might work, but the thought of one side being used more than the other comes up again, and I could just imagine someone squeezing the bottle too hard and getting both condiments accidentally, or the condiments would be opposing eachother in the direction the bottle needs to be turned.

      3. On the plus side, this idea of dual condiments seems to be a plus for dry condiments like salt and pepper, since they are solid and only require shaking, with a dual cap on each end for how much you want (wether you want the fully opened side, or the side with holes.

      I’m pretty sure the designer thought of allt hese things before hand though, who knows.


      • Jeremiah says:


        Point 1 – last sentence.

        I would eventually have a half bottle of mustard just sitting there in my fridge that I probably won’t use, taking up unnecessary space for a certain duration of time before it gets finished. And if I don’t like mustard at all and end up throwing it out, well that would be just a waste of money, although a dumb purchase on my part 😛

      • What? KISS! “Keep it simple, stupid”.

        One bottle, one condiment. Just that. That's the idea. Where did you see 2 condiments for bottle?

        Simplify. If you don't like a condiment, don't buy it, don't use it. Fill it with whatever you want.

      • What? KISS! “Keep it simple, stupid”.

        One bottle, one condiment. Just that. That’s the idea. Where did you see 2 condiments for bottle?

        Simplify. If you don’t like a condiment, don’t buy it, don’t use it. Fill it with whatever you want.

    • Kai-yu Lei says:

      Actually the other function of dual-side opens I didn`t say is that a hole on the open is bigger and the other one is smaller that the user can control the volume following the user`s preference. This function could increase the meaning of dual-open bottle, I thought.

      • Jeremiah says:

        I just noticed that the other day looking at the semi-circles above and below the text on the bottle’s label, which I thought was pretty clever. You should keep going though, I’m sure there is more that can be done to make this idea better, I’m positive 🙂

  • MrTopherson says:

    This would only work as a bottle you refilled yourself with condiments you bought from the store. I’m a packaging engineer, and I guarantee you no food company on the planet would mass-produce that.

    • Jeremiah says:

      Why? Just curious…

    • Kai-yu Lei says:

      I agree your point on the product in this stage now, but I think an idea that just considerate the human`s behavior and try to solve it, it may be benefit for people sometime. However, the object of born this concept is not only producing for “mass-product”. Motivation of design can be from dream in fact, not only capitalism.

  • JA says:

    that is material waste. it’d better put it upside down

    • Jeremiah says:

      Dude, material waste? Spare me. And preffering to just put a regular bottle upside-down just shows how “inside the box” your thinking is, considering you didn’t explain any of your points. How is this material waste? Why would you rather use a regualr bottle over this one?

      • Gem says:

        Inside the box is sometimes a good thing. Many concepts are subject of ‘over design’. This dual use bottle may have some uses, but the main point of it (as the design states) is to reduce the time you’re waiting for the sauce to drip down – this has already been solved by keepin the bottle upside down so why overdesign and come up with another option that does use more materials?!
        I’m not saying the idea is rubbish, just that it would be better advertised for a different use.

  • Kaiser-Machead says:

    The best way to do this is to make the condiment bottle shaped like those used for lotions, that being having a big flat cap, and a tapered end like a toothpaste bottle. Unless people are douchey idiots and lay them on the side, it will always have the contents settled right over the nozzle.

  • Dacker says:

    It’s a take on the double-sided salt & pepper shakers carried by backpackers.

    The problem with this design is that at least one condiment would always be at the wrong end of it’s compartment, making you pound your palm on the opposite end with every use.

  • MaNiFeX says:

    You guys need to go try some kewpi mayonnaise from Japan. They did that shit right.

  • cudthecrud says:

    This still wouldn’t prevent the dreaded ketchup/mustard liquid that comes out when it hasn’t been used in too long. I hate it when the ketchup leaks that nasty liquid all over something I want to eat.

  • UGAdawg says:

    That’s brilliant! I know you can turn a bottle over yourself and keep it that way, however when you have multiple people in the home that store it a different way it helps. Either way it’s put back it will be put right.

  • nicolas says:

    the worst idea ever for a bottle, the production cost grow…. this is not much “eco”

  • tommyjj says:

    Hmmm, why not just have one nozzle, but make it sit upside down? what’s the point of the upper nozzle if you only use the bottom one? I could save this designer a great deal of time by just showing him how to stick the labels on upside down.

  • Evyn Zelnio says:

    Hola. Como estas? Yo estoy muy bien.Now, I understand that this bottle is just a concept but what would it cost if it was a real product. I need to know for a reasearch project. Thank you Yanko Design. Happy Halloween. (:

  • Henry says:

    Hi i want to buy it..
    How is that?

  • Henry says:

    Where can i buy it?
    How much is that bottle?

  • Diegs says:

    See US Patent D605,522 S. Same thing exactly. Also see for production version.

  • dace street says:

    where can i buy the dual=open bottle?

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