What’s the difference between a carpet/mat or (a large piece of cloth) and a sheet of paper or a napkin? Just the size, say the Wayon team, a creative bunch of students at EINA University of Design, Barcelona. Unlike most rugs/carpets/mats that just become static pieces of furniture, proving functional sometimes and becoming a home-decor element in the background at other times, the Imagiro carpet possesses a shape-shifting quality.

If napkins at restaurants can be bent into decorative flowers, or towels into elegant swans at hotels, why not the carpet? The Imagiro carpet lends itself to that creative spirit. It comes with a creased pattern that makes it easy to fold and maneuver, given its size. The Imagiro destroys the misconception that floor-textile need be flat. With the Imagiro, the carpet isn’t just a carpet anymore, but instead is an imagination-fueled origami art-installation that decorates your home (or even a hotel/retail space) in all three dimensions!

The Imagiro is a part of the Wayon showcase at the Salone Satellite during the Milan Design Week 2017.

Designer: Wayon (EINA University)