Casio’s vintage Pac-Man edition watch is just quirky enough to be a great memorabilia!

Who can forget the sound of the Pack-Man chomping down on the pellets (or cookies) while avoiding the colored ghosts? Hours would feel like minutes playing the title in the good ol’ childhood days. Even to date, the arcade game is legendary in terms of how it influenced our lives and shaped the era of the gaming industry as a whole. To bring back nostalgic memories of the golden times where arcade games were all the rage, Casio has joined forces with Bandai Namco to create a timepiece that’s got a lot of history associated with it. In fact, Casio has revived the memories of their own classic watch from 1978 which was worn by Ellen Ripley and other characters in the movie Alien, back then. Yes, I’m talking about the F-100 digital watch that’s now got a Pak-Man influence in a big way thanks to this collaboration!

It’s like a match made in heaven where two classics fuse to bring a modern-day timepiece to life in a playful design inspired by the world of arcade gaming. I bet you nerds are going to drool all over the Casio A100WEPC Pac-Man edition watch with the golden dial emulating the game cabinet and the Illuminator text (right below the old school time display) resembling the Pac-Man’s pixelated font! The same theme follows down to the classic matte black stainless steel strap which has the Pack-Man’s in-game motifs etched on it. One can’t help but notice the ghosts chasing the Pack-Man and vice-versa when the hero gobbles down the fruits to turn them blue for a feast. Not surprisingly, the case back follows suit with the classic in-game screen etched into the stainless steel covering.

This special edition Casio watch comes with an equally iconic packaging with all the game logos, characters and gameplay perfectly emulated on all sides. Thus far, there is no word on the availability of the Casio A100WEPC Pac-Man edition watch, but the product page does mention the pricing to be 12,100 Japanese Yen (approximately $113). Nonetheless, watch collectors who are big-time Pack-Man fans will want to add this to their collection ultimately when it arrives!

Designer: Casio