This device turns air into pure drinking water, providing 10 liters of fresh mineral water each day

What’s funny about the idea of progress is that it’s much more layered than we think. Sure, 30 years from now, we will have sent humans to Mars… but 30 years from now most cities will even be dealing with extreme climate change, polluted air, and scarcity of resources like running water. Sounds odd when you look at the whole picture, right? Well, we’re living in a world that’s on a path to change, and it may be prudent to stop taking things like drinking water for granted.

Meet Kara Pure, a water dispenser that basically turns air into drinking water. Designed by Cody Soodeen, Kara Pure wasn’t created in a void — Soodeen grew up in a town where the drinking water was contaminated by a strain of bacteria that had health implications for the people who consumed it. Unfit drinking water isn’t particularly rare nowadays, with groundwater tables either being infected/polluted, or being entirely depleted due to overconsumption and a lack of accounting for climate change. While Kara Pure is clearly built keeping a pretty inevitable future in mind, it’s important that Soodeen and other people like him perfect the technology now, rather than later.

Designer: Cody Soodeen

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Kara Pure extracts water from atmospheric moisture, turning it into mineral-rich alkaline drinking water that hydrates and cleanses toxins within the body. The device, which looks like a monolithic silver tower, can dispense up to 10 liters of water (2.5 gallons) each day, while also enriching it with 7 rare natural minerals and bringing it up to a pH of 9.2+. As a by-product, it also dehumidifies and purifies air, serving multiple purposes at the same time so you have fresh water to drink AND fresh air to breathe every single day.

It’s also a dehumidifier.

Kara Pure’s underlying technology is perhaps its biggest innovation. Soodeen points out that other water-capture devices in its category use refrigerants to condense atmospheric moisture and turn water vapor into droplets of water – a process that’s energy-intensive, noisy, and bad for the environment. Kara Pure, on the other hand, uses a desiccant that absorbs water from the air (sort of like volcanic rock or silica gel). The air passes through this desiccant and the water is extracted and stored in Kara Pure’s storage tank.

The water then goes through a multi-stage purification system where it’s sterilized using UV light and is mineralized with Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Lithium, Selenium, Strontium, and Metasilicic Acid, before being passed through an ionizer that alkalizes the water and a carbon filter that removes any final impurities before dispensing clean, clear drinking water that’s alkaline in nature, offering a host of health benefits. Kara Pure’s water-capture process, unlike conventional dehumidifiers and water-capture devices, doesn’t use refrigerants or chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and Kara Pure operates noise-free, providing 10 liters of water through this process every single day.

The monolithic device has an industrial aesthetic to it that combines high-end engineering with minimalist design – well within the domain of companies like Apple and Dyson. The device’s clean exteriors almost reinforce the idea of purity, and the fact that it works without generating the all-too-common whirr that other appliances like refrigerators make, just elevates its overall experience. Kara Pure’s UI is ridiculously simple too. It doesn’t really complicate the process by telling you what the machine is doing or offering you a whole variety of options to choose from. There’s just one single button that, seemingly like magic, dispenses fresh water into Kara Pure’s cavity that’s large enough for a glass, bottle, or even a carafe or jug. All Kara Pure really requires is a power source, and the relatively large contraption can easily be shifted between rooms too, without worrying about noise, water inlets, outlets, or any of the other points of failure that other similar products have today.

Kara Pure literally turns air into water – a feat that’s worth marveling just on its own. Soodeen mentions that Kara Pure is ideal for areas that don’t have access to the purest of drinking water. The fact that Kara Pure works without relying on groundwater means that it can effectively work practically anywhere on earth and all it really needs is a periodic $100 filter replacement every year.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1229 $2399 (47% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $470,000.