A Torch with a Twist


The Panolight makes perfect, simple sense! Whether you’re working or playing, sometimes you need a beam, sometimes you need ambient light. Panolight provides both with one simple twist.

By adjusting the tactile end cap, you can transform it from a focused flashlight to a lantern in seconds. One twist will reveal a single column of light, but continue to twist and more columns will turn on to increase the vibrancy and expand the direction of emitted light.

The design detail on the back gives it a functional, but equally playful element. Just like people spin their pens or keychains to keep their fingers occupied, this design detail becomes the fidget-worthy element on the torch. The torch’s back even comes with its own handle, allowing you to hang it anywhere. It also ditches the pencil battery for a USB powered approach. Even though you may say that your phone flashlight is essentially the same thing remember, the Panolight can work for hours on a single charge, and is the only torch that turns from focused to ambient lighting!

Designer: Pushpal Dey