What future kitchen appliances will be like


Gotta love this twist on the rice cooker! Called the “Haier Multipurpose Cooker”, it takes the versatility of this popular appliance and multiplies it times 3! Instead of one unit for steaming, it features three cooking hubs with containers of different sizes.

Even though it’s not larger than a standard cooker, this means you can prepare multiple dishes at once. Better yet, each container can be removed, taken “to-go” and even washed independently, so you can avoid using plastic or disposable containers!

The Multipurpose Cooker seems like the perfect choice for the people who live solo. Allowing you to prepare three meals at once and store them for later consumption, this may just be the kitchen appliance trend for the future! A whole range of products that allows people to multitask, because time is oh so precious!

Designer: Dousan Miao