Time-saving shaving!

If products are frequently used together, they can be clubbed together, right? This very idea lead to the spork, the toothbrush with the gum scrubbing pads, and now… the Evolutionary Brush, by Legacy Shave.

This shaving brush has a rather unique twist to it, allowing it to snap right onto any pressure based shaving cream/gel can. Since all cans have a standard fixture for the nozzle, the Evolutionary brush ditches the can’s original nozzle and fits right in its place. Then all you do is push the button down and cream/gel appears directly on the brush-end of the attachment, not just saving time, but also making your shaving process rather convenient. Applying the gel on your face is actually a whole lot easier too, since instead of using brushes that come with small, hard-to-grip handles, you simply hold onto the shaving cream can for a much better grip. Easy peasy, shaving’s a breezy!

Designer: Legacy Shave

BUY IT HERE: $11.99 $15.00