These 2022 MacBook Air renders could be the most accurate pictures of how the new device will look

A new MacBook Air was expected at the Apple Peek Performance Event earlier this month. Apple launched a slew of gear back then, but the new MacBook Air was nowhere to be seen despite all the speculations in favor of its launch. Now about a month later, as a new MacBook Air still remains the hot topic, a YouTuber has gotten all creative and rendered interesting – and if you believe – the most accurate pictures of how the new device could look (when Apple eventually releases it).

Before we get into the discussion of what the renders suggest and how ZONEofTECH (YouTube channel) perceives the new MacBook Air; we shall just take a dive into what the tech circles expect – and we know – by the way of leaks and speculations.

Designer: ZONEofTECH

MacBook Air has been through many alterations since its inception in 2008 and what we currently have on the market is the M1-powered version of the MacBook Air that now stands to change – in design, power, and colors – in 2022. What’s likely to change in the 2022 MacBook Air? According to seasoned leakers and analysts, there is plenty of insight that the rumored MacBook Air will arrive with the new M2 chip powering its guts. Moreover, the Air is likely to coincide with the 2021 MacBook Pro’s design language and steal colorways from the iMac.

If you have been following Apple leaks, you would be aware that the MacBook Air is expected in multiple colors, which is more than the gold, silver, and space grays we are used to. The new MacBook Air could roll out in a multitude of hues that would match the iMac colors. Taking leverage to show off the new MacBook Air renders in multiple colors, the YouTuber has created a design of the device to match that of the 14-inch MacBook Pro with the rounded body. This is done to unify the entire MacBook lineup to look the same, which would be Apple’s idea too, as it has followed a unified design approach for the entire MacBook Air lineup in the past.

From the look of things, these renders of the upcoming MacBook Air may seem slightly thick, but these are actually modeled – with all the ports aligned – in a thickness of little over 1cm, ZoneofTech notes. The renders have been visioned with a notch – also to maybe unify the MacBook lineup – which could house an upgraded 1080p camera. The idea of a notch makes the bezel feel thinner – like with the MacBook Pro – but for most of us, the notch in a 13-inch display may just ruin a little more space than what’s already available on the little guy. To ensure more unification across all models of MacBooks, the designers have here modeled the MacBook Air with a larger keyboard, which means the trackpad size is slightly trimmed in length, even though the width can remain the same as on the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Air is expected in purple, blue, red, orange, yellow, green and white color options. Of course, with all that jazz and altered design, the 2020 MacBook Air will already have many takers, but there is a lot more to this laptop than its looks. For instance, the MacBook Air would be the first device powered by M2 chip, it would come with MagSafe port, and cost roughly around the $1,100 mark. If you’re all anxious, the Air is likely to arrive anytime between June and September 2022. Start budgeting!

Designer: ZONEofTECH