A Little Oregano On My Neck

Basic and rudimentary organic shapes, inspired from cocoons and caterpillars, are interlocked to form a circle of containers for 8 different spices. Portable, these containers can be taken with you anywhere and everywhere as part of your mobile life. It may even be worn as a necklace. Every module has a different texture for tactile recognition. Manufactured out of polyamide, using Rapid Manufacturing technology a.k.a. rapid resin prototyping.

A necklace that holds herbs and spices. I bet the raver kids are gonna LOVE this.

Designer: Hakan Gencol

Spice Container Tirtil by Hakan Gencol


  • Alex Velasco says:

    Hakan Gencol does it again!

  • ozlem says:


    caterpillar 🙂 it’s magnificent… yeah

  • Avin says:

    the first idea that popped into my head was… a personalized, customized fragrance band… instead of smelling like a off the rack perfume… we get to personalize our own fragrance, and with herbs and or essential oils, drip a few drops of essential oil into a kinda slow releasing material, perhaps a sponge that will slowly release the fragrance, less waste, less aerosol, more earth 🙂

    a matching bracelet can be paired for the fragrance for the hand, or just a simple pendant or brooch for elegant, simple dresses will be enough for simple fragrances. add on for a more complex mix of fragrances…. i love it ~~~

    • hakan says:

      wow… avin had a great comment. i liked the idea more now.
      thanks a lot…

  • Hollis Ervin says:

    I’ll be the first to say that rapid prototyping is the hottest shit on earth. But isn’t it too expensive and fragile for something like this? Couldn’t traditional molding techniques be used?

    That said, it’s a really wonderful idea both in its spices and perfume variants.

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