UberPool meets the YinYang


Designed for the Chinese market in the year 2030, the Panlong autonomous vehicle draws inspiration from Yin and Yang! This far-out, futuristic concept provides riders with an escape from the rush of urban life in the city.

Inside, riders are positioned in such a way they can kick-back, relax, and unwind while they face each other and converse… or simply close their eyes and rest until they reach their destination. Its organic, non-standard interiors make it look different and instantly engage your curiosity. Outside, a camera shutter style door makes getting in and out possible even in tight spaces, and allows the design to nest with other like models when not in service.

The absolutely radical concept even goes as far as harnessing solar energy to power itself! Impressive!

Designer: Edgar Andrés Sarmiento & Aditya Mantha