The Genesis of Henosis

The Henosis is a concept vehicle designed to connect human to machine in a personal way. The vehicle comes with a bevy of technological doo-dads to analyze the environment, driver’s mood, expression, and biometric readings to provide the most comfortable and safe driving experience.

Using that ethos as the driving figure behind design, Alexei Mikhailov created a vehicle that pushes the limits of form and design creating a new body language. It doesn’t look like anything else on the road. The hydrogen fuel cell stacks are located in the rear with additional battery and superconductors up front. Steering takes a page out of gaming by placing almost all controls at your fingertips. All those hours fragging on Xbox live are finally going to bear fruit. The vehicle was obviously designed for the next generation of kids growing up – the ones born after the internet. This may seem like a far fetched and unlikely scenario for us now but hey, our children’s children will think of our cars the same way we think of the first horse drawn carriages.

Designer: Alexei Mikhailov